Best Swiss UK Fake Omega Seamaster 120m Plongeur De Luxe “Jacques Mayol” ref. 396.0900

A watch with similarities in design to the Constellation Manhattan is the uk cheap fake Omega Seamaster 120 Plongeur de Luxe. The watch was made famous by French freediver Jacques Mayol also known by his nickname “Dolphin Man.” He wore the best quality replica watch on his wrist during a record-breaking free dive to 101 meters depth just off the coast of the Italian island of Elba in 1981. The high quality copy Omega released the Seamaster 120m Plongeur De Luxe line of watches in 1980 as the first series of quartz diving replica watches for men from the brand. The watch came in three different sizes and different materials. The most interesting is, without a doubt, the 37mm “Maxi” version with ref. 396.0900 that came in steel, bicolor and full gold. It does not happen, but I think all three versions look very clean and crisp even 40 years later.

The overall case design actually resembles the design of the luxury fake Omega Constellation Manhattan that was introduced two years later. So it might have been a source of inspiration for Carol Disdisheim when she designed the Constellation Manhattan. I love seeing that simple but very effective combination of lines of the case and the bezel and the dial. Additionally, you will see that the bracelet design was definitely inspired by Genta’s Royal Oak design. It’s something you could criticize, but as a big fan of that design, I love seeing it on another replica watch for sale. On top of that, zooming in on the bracelet, it feels a bit sharper and edgier than the Royal Oak bracelet. But the combination of the case and bracelet design works very well, in my opinion.

Inside the case, high quality replica Omega equipped the watch with the ultra-thin quartz Calibre 1337. The movement features a quickset date function, and along with the hour hand, they are set with the crown. To adjust the minute hand, you need to unlock the mechanism through a push button at the 2 o’clock position. As a result of the thin movement, the 1:1 replica uk watch has a very slim profile at just 8mm thick. It made the watch very easy to wear in various situations despite being marketed as a diving watch. As you can see in the pictures, the Swiss made copy Omega had a diver extension that allowed you to increase the length from an extra 5mm to 25mm. It made sure that divers like Mayol were able to wear the watch over their diving suits.

I love this aaa replica Omega Seamaster 120m Plongeur De Luxe because it is a different take on a diving watch. Usually, diving replica watches online were chunky tool watches. Not this Seamaster 120m, though. On top of that, the Jacques Mayol story connected to the watch is also quite remarkable. In 2003 Omega released the perfect copy Omega Seamaster Apnea as a tribute to Mayol, who passed away in 2001. Mayol also played an active role in its design process, making it an extraordinary tribute to one of the world’s remarkable divers. It’s not easy to find the Swiss movement fake Omega Seamaster 120 Plongeur De Luxe in great condition. Prices for one are roughly between 1,5K – 4K depending on the condition. If you like Omega’s 1980s take on a diving super clone watch uk, this could be a very nice addition to your collection. I will definitely be looking out for one.

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